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flipzjg, Nov 18, 11 11:31 PM.
As I write this first post, From the Ashes are the proud owners of an airship!  It's equipped with utilities already.  

If you are a new, existing, or possible member of the guild, I would like to direct your attention to the forums.  From there, you will find very essential guild information.  Please utilize, view, and partake in the forums as much as possible.  If you haven't made an account to access the forums, PLEASE DO SO.  This page will be ESSENTIAL in guild day-to-day operations.  There's only so much that can be fit into the guild announcement message window that DDO provides in-game.

As of yesterday, November 17th, 2011:  From the Ashes is now open for new potential recruits.  Please take note that if you get invited into the guild, or recently accepted into the guild, you're still being screened to see if you do fit the guild vision and criteria.  This is especially true if you had limited play time with Kaluluwa or Satarma.  Offer me the names of any players that might fit the recruitment criteria.  The goal is to erect the best guild that we can possibly make, and to build the best atmosphere for the guild.  This means constant growth and personal improvement together with the right people.  Getting the right people will be the kicker.

Again, for the existing members:  We are only two and a half weeks old, and we are already level 20 with just a minimal roster.  I commend all of you for all your hard work, but don't get too comfortable yet.  

It's not the speed of which we got to level 20 that will define our guild, but rather HOW this guild will get to our first set goal, and that is Guild Level 45 by Christmas.  The road there will include us getting to know each other, and how we will play with each other as a guild.  For now, with a guild roster not big enough to where our schedules can meet and raid parties cannot be formed, we will all have to play and mingle with each other.  Keep an eye on your guild chat.  This is all part of the growth process.  A lot of work ahead of us, indeed.  Please be patient if this guild is to be built right, and offer me any suggestions that you might have.  

Coming soon to a forum near you:  Set guild rules and regulations, command structure, dismissal criteria.

With the conclusion of the first post, let's toast to reaching a guild milestone:  Our first airship!

Here's to playing together, having fun together, and growing together.


By the way, my name is Jay.  What's yours?  :)
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